RPSC RAS Exam Pattern for Prelims, Mains and Interview

RPSC RAS Exam Pattern for Prelims, Mains and Interview 

The official notice for the 2022 RPSC RAS exam pattern will be posted along with the exam pattern on the organization’s website. Candidates should familiarize themselves with the exam’s format to maximize their preparation time. Candidates who are familiar with the RAS question paper format will be better prepared for the examination. 

Prelims, Mains, and an interview are the components of the RAS examination. If you’re planning to study for the exams, you’ll need to know the exam structure and the scoring system for each level. The RAS preliminaries will be objective, while the mains exam will be descriptive/analytical. The candidate must qualify for both exams to appear in the RAS interview. Aside from that, the RAS prelims consist of just one exam, whereas the mains will have four. The RAS exam pattern has been described in this post. The RPSC RAS exam format for prelims, mains, and interviews is now explained in full. 



RPSC RAS Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern for the Preliminary Exam


The RPSC RAS Preliminary Exam has been set at a graduation level of difficulty. The RPSC RAS Preliminary Exam is a three-hour test with a total score of 200 marks. For the next level of selection, the RPSC RAS Main exam, applicants must pass the prelims exam, which consists of objective-type questions. RPSC RAS Prelims exam results would tell a candidate if they have qualified for the following stage or not.


RAS Mains Pattern


Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3, and Paper-4 comprise the four sections of the RPSC RAS Exam.

Paper 1: General Studies I is worth 200 points in the RPSC RAS Paper I. The first paper that the applicants have to take is this one. It covers the country’s history and economy in general studies and queries. The applicants must consult the appropriate textbooks to do well in this round.


Paper 2: For 200 points, the RPSC RAS Paper II deals with General Studies II. In this paper, the applicant is assessed on his thinking and logical abilities, as well as his knowledge of the state and country’s geography. This paper’s syllabus may be found in the syllabus column to the right of this page. Aspirants will need to study hard to do well in this round.


Paper 3: General Studies-III is a 200-mark paper. The understanding of current events and the Indian political system is examined in the General Studies-III exam. Additionally, the candidate’s knowledge of state and national events will be examined in this paper, which is of equal weight. 


Paper-4: General Hindi and General English are included in Paper-IV of the RAS. Reading and writing skills in both Hindi and English are assessed. In this round, they are assessed on their knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and composition fundamentals. Paper-IV, which carries a score of 200, is also given out.


Interview Round for the RPSC RAS


Mains exam applicants who obtained the minimum qualifying marks set by the commission in the final stage, which is an interview or known as a personality test, are now being summoned to the final round. The interview round has a total score of 100 marks in total. Candidates are evaluated at the interview on the grounds of their character, personality, and physical appearance, as well as their familiarity with the Rajasthani culture and current events. A candidate’s ultimate ranking on the merit list will be dependent on their performance in both the Mains exam and the personality test.


RAS exam patterns are made public by whoever it is that does so. The Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has released the exam pattern for the next recruitment cycle. If you want to download and save the current RAS exam pattern, you may do so as soon as it is made available by the commission. If you want to be a RAS Officer, you must join a coaching centre or a course. There are many coaching institutes in the market, but The Thought Tree has a really nice designed and structured course on RAS. The course comes in both online as well as offline modes. It comes with so many benefits, such as personal mentoring, doubts solving, free library, field trips, etc. The highly experienced teachers there make the learning process fun. All these features make T3 one of the best RAS Coaching.  




Are the RAS exam patterns important?


Yes. If you are familiar with the RAS exam format, you will be able to determine the topics covered, the marking scheme, the number of questions asked for each subject, and the time allotted for each question. RAS prelims, mains, and interview patterns make it easy to map out a study strategy.


The RPSC RAS Mains exam has a negative marking, right?


Every wrong answer will cost a candidate a third of their score in the RPSC RAS Prelims Exam.


Is the RPSC examination challenging?


Candidates can easily prepare for the RPSC if they use the appropriate approach. There are significant similarities between the RAS exam syllabus and the IAS syllabus, and the exam pattern is based on the UPSC exam pattern.


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