Britney Spears Claims That Brother Bryan Was ‘Never’ Invited To Her Wedding

Truth be told! Britney is formally hitched and it appears to be that she's really cheerful about it!

Britney Spears Reveals Madonna and Selena Gomez Kept Tripping Up On The Dance Floor!

Britney began her post saying, “I got my happy on y’all !!! Happy, happy, happy 

"My companion watched the video of the party and to be definite, Madonna fell multiple times

Selena Gomez fell twice and I fell once all in light of the flower petals," she composed, 

Adding that she "didn't drink one taste of liquor" at the gathering.

Brit then, at that point, said that she doesn't drink a ton since she must be drug tried three times each week during her smothering 13-year conservatorship.