Naomi Judd, some portion of the Grammy-grant winning blue grass music couple The Judds,

 is dead at 76. Judd's little girls, country vocalist Wynonna and entertainer Ashley Judd,

affirmed the craftsman's passing in an explanation on Saturday.

Wynonna Judd and her sister, entertainer Ashley Judd, made an announcement Saturday saying

"We lost our lovely mother to the sickness of psychological maladjustment," 

"At the point when we got into blue grass music, I was 35," Ms. Judd told the Dallas Morning News in 1994.

 "I'd had to deal with flames, tremors, been wrecked, my heart tore out and trampled by men. 

When I got into down home music, I feel like what I did was simply convey."

The Judds initially arrived at the highest point of the nation graphs in 1984 and throughout the following

years had 14 No. 1 hits, including "Mom He's Crazy," "Why Not Me," "Young ladies Night Out",

"Rockin' With the Rhythm of the Rain" and "Love Can Build a Bridge."